Scuba Diving In Thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand is famous for it’s clear waters and diverse underwater life. The best diving sites in Thailand are located in Southern Thailand for example the islands of Raya Yai, Similan and Phi Phi. Thailand is a good place to begin scuba diving, if you don’t have any scuba diving experience. Even if you have some scuba diving experience you may want to complete a diving certificate for future diving. There are a few options to start scuba diving.

The easiest way to start scuba diving is to participate in one-day “Discover Scuba Diving” trial, also known as DSD. DSD is done in small groups with an experienced diving instructor. Depending on the diving location it’s done from the boat or straight from the beach. The idea of DSD is to dive safely in 6 meters depth, where the water is clear and warm and you can see beautiful corals and tropical fish. After the DSD, if you find scuba diving great and exciting, like most do, you can begin Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver course on the same day. If you are still uncertain you can always do the DSD again and possibly start diving course on the next day.

If DSD isn’t enough, you can complete a Scuba Diver course, which takes one more day if you had completed DSD and two days if you are completely new to scuba diving. As a Scuba Diver you can dive all the way down to 12 meters with a PADI professional. This course is good for those who don’t have so much time to spend on learning scuba diving. It’s recommended though that you spend the 3 days to become a PADI certified Open Water Diver.
The best solution to begin scuba diving is to choose PADI Open Water Diver course, OWD. OWD includes 3 days of theory and practice. The first 2 of these days are basically the same as in Scuba Diver course, so you can upgrade your Scuba Diver status to OWD license which is valid all around the world. The course gives you the knowledge of the basics in scuba diving and the underwater life. After the OWD, you are allowed to dive with another licensed diver at the depth of 18 meters.

Scuba diving is a good and exciting hobby, which you can enjoy all around the world. For further information about diving in Thailand, please visit: