Hurghada Diving And Other Tourist Attractions

Hurghada is one of the prime diving destinations in Egypt. Large number of marine activities lovers plan cheap holidays in Hurghada to be a part of thrilling aquatic adventure in the Red Sea. While diving in the warm waters, you can take a closer look at wide variety of fish species and other sea mammals in addition to exuberant underwater vegetation. There are several hotels in the city that offer diving tours.

In case, you are new to the sport, you can find hotels that offer diving classes. If you are planning cheap Hurghada holidays especially for diving, you cannot afford to miss on visiting Makadi Bay. It is just 35 kilometers away from city. This beach has emerged as paradise for divers and snorkelers as it located in Red Sea Riviera. Best part is that the long stretch of sandy beach is home to quality four-star and five-star hotels. No matter whether you are vacationing in Hurghada or in Luxor, you can visit this bay to be a part of exquisite diving and snorkeling excursions.

Another bay in Hurghada is Soma Bay. It is located in the south of the city and you just need to drive for 45 kilometers to reach the bay. You wont face any difficulty in finding accommodation near Soma Bay as it is home to some of the most popular hotels in the world. Few of them are Inter-Continental, Hyatt Regency, Sheraton and Robinson Club. This bay has become an integral part of cheap holidays to Hurghada as it located between sea and desert. Besides breathtaking natural beauty, the bay is also famous for its world class PGA golf course.

Golf course at the Soma Bay is among the top ten golf courses in the world. So, for expert golfers, visiting this course is a must. But it doesnt mean that if youre a novice, there is nothing for you in the course. Another worth visiting area in the outskirts that you should be visiting while enjoying Hurghada holidays is El Gouna. This town is also known as the Venice of Egypt as it consists of several small islands connected with beautiful bridges. The town also features number of artificial lagoons. Its proximity to number of luxurious hotels makes it one of the best tourist areas near Hurghada. You would also come across small hotels that suit every budget. Touristic streak of El Gouna is completed by sophisticated restaurants, bars and outdoor cafes.