Diving Destinations and Beaches in Honiara

The beauty of pristine destination Solomon Islands can be best defined by the aficionado of diving. The splendid beauty of 922 Islands of Solomon elicits many adventure lovers to this incredible destination of beaches and marine life. The exotic beauty of the place also clandestine the relics of World War II including warships, aircrafts and submarines which has lead to name Solomon Island in the list of World Heritage Sites. There are various tourist destinations with beautiful landscapes and treasured ocean floor filled with wide range of wrecks providing incredible experience to scuba divers. However, Honiara is honored as the capital, and the most favored spot of tourists. Find some more information about the adventurous destinations of Solomon.

Adventurous Destinations for Diving In Honiara/b>

Honiara is a paradise for scuba divers, marionologist and discoverers of history. Find the most adventurous destinations for diving in Honiara.


Guadalcanal situated in Honiara doesn’t take pride of being the witness of fierce marine battles during WWII and the turning point in the pacific campaign but delighted to be the home of adventure junkies. The wrecks of transport ships, troop carriers and planes have named this destination as -Iron Bottom Sound-. Major scuba diving destinations of this place are:-

Bonegi- It is famous for the world heritage Hirokawa Maru ( a Japanese merchant transport ship )

BonegiII- It appeals to scuba divers by narrating the story of WWII with the view of Kinugawa Maru(Japanese merchant transport ship).


The surfeit of wildlife in the beautiful ocean and rampant wrecks of WWII are the reasons adding zest to the activities of scuba divers and made it famous as Solomon Island diving destination. Find the attraction points of the place in mentioned below points.

Shark Point- Wildlife lovers can witness the plethora of sea animals, which includes grey reef sharks, devil rays, snappers and batfish.

Mbigo- Scuba divers explore the varied species of shark and a coral reef on the land.

Picturesque Beaches of Honiara

Honiara is not just famous for the wrecks of WWII but the glorified landscapes and appealing beauty of beaches. You can book your stay in any of the Solomon Island vacation resort and enjoy the closeness of nature. Some of the famous or non-famous, but awe-inspiring beaches are mentioned below:-

Bonegi Beach

After diving Solomon Island in the deepest and suspicious destinations, explore the beauty of Bonegi beach to gain a life time experience of adventure and solace. It is just 12 kms from the capital of Solomon (Honiara) and offers various water activities such as swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Tangisaliu Beach

At the distance of 6.3 kms from the city, Tangisaliu beach welcomes the visitors to enjoy quality time while picnicking in a day. The luxurious small leaf houses and sitting areas at pebble covered beach with loving ambience all around sedates the travelers. However, this placed is visited by swimmers rather than the divers.

Turtle Beach

Turtle beach is a perfect destination for honeymooners to spend their best time in secluded and beautiful spot. The white sand and turquoise water enhance the beauty of the beach and create an ambience of serenity.